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Trilobite Testing, Inc.
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Monster Pump Operations, Inc.
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Welcome To Trilobite Testing, Inc.

 Introducing - Electronic Shut In Tool

        Drillstem testing                                                              Bottom hole pressure testing

1Pt & 4Pt State testing                                                    Surface Read-Out (SRO)

H2S Certified

DOT Compliant


Trilobite Testing, Inc. employs 28 trucks serving Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle. 

The latest technology is utilized at Trilobite Testing for gathering data and forwarding it to our customers in a timely fashion.  An electronic memory recorder is used to obtain the downhole data.  Once the recorder is returned to the surface the data is downloaded to a laptop computer.  The ATMS2000 software allows on site viewing of the test information, as well as a graph depicting the pressure, temperature, and time on bottom.  Using WIFI hotspots the  information can be uploaded, while on location, to our home office and sent to our customers via e-mail.  

A demo copy of the DST software is available through this web site.