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Monster Pump was founded in 2006 to provide a solution for moving mud and cuttings from steel-pits to haul-off pits quickly and efficiently. A much more reliable option than trash pumps, Monster Pump is sure to save you time and hassle.


Monster Pump

Typical Application

Usually it is necessary to pump every day until displacement depending on the pit size. Generally this would mean about five days of pumping pit fluid and cuttings prior to mud up. Once mud up occurs the pump will run about every other day through out the rest of the well. So for example, a 12 day well, would have 8 days pumping and 4 standby days for a total of $4,560.

Additionally, there would be approximately 100 gallons of diesel consumed at approximately $3 per gallon for $300. Set up and tear down is a total of $750 and average mileage would run an estimated $200. Typically overnight charges would be required for 5 nights which would be $375. Total pump charge for a typical well would be approximately $6,185.


Monster pump was established in 2006 with a goal of effectively moving mud and cuttings from steel-pits to haul-off pits in sensitive ground-water areas where trash pumps have failed.


Monster pump provides an "on-site" pump operator, which eliminates the need to rely on rig hands to run the pump. It also provides "one call" service for poly pipe and mud pumping, reducing the tool pusher's workload. Reduced risk of weather-related issues because the operator is on location 24/7 and available by phone.


Monster Pump has 8000’ of 3” poly pipe available for rental for any fluid transportation needs including water lines. The 200 HP Diesel engine gives it 4 times the power of most trash pumps currently being used in oilfield applications. Monster Pump can pump solids as big as 3” and has a max pumping ability of 1000 GPM, also it is capable of pumping mud 1 1⁄2 miles with a 50’ rise.

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