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Drill Stem Testing.png

Drill Stem Testing

Drill Stem testing is the procedure for isolating and testing the pressure, permeability, and productive capacity of a geological formation during the drilling process. 

  • NEW: The EM (Electromagnetic) tool is used to send real-time pressure to the surface without wires to allow the operator to make better decisions on what times to run on a test. Samples are taken every minute.

  • IPro – This service uses an internal modem to upload the information to the cloud allowing the customer to view the blow and/or gas flow rates and cumulative amount of gas real-time. Samples are automatically taken every 20 seconds.

  • The portal allows customers and geologists to view the data and chat with the tester or each other using either a web or windows version.

  • Download price lists:

DSC00017 (1).JPG
Drill Stem Testing
1PT & 4PT State Testing.jpg
1PT & 4PT State Testing.png

4PT & 1PT State Testing

Back-pressure Test reporting software (BPT) system used to keep operators compliant with Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) and Oklahoma (OCC) regulations on their gas wells.

4PT & 1PT State Testing
Electronic Shut-In Tool.png

Electronic Shut In Tool

Trilobite Testing now has the capability to test in a cased hole. Using an Electronic Shut In Tool with recorders, we can provide pressure data and fluid recovery using a completion rig. Imagine getting test results without paying for rig time.

Electronic shutin use on service page.jpg
Electronic Shut-In Tool
SRO3 use for service page.jpg
Bottom Hole Pressure Testing.png

Bottom Hole Pressure Testing

Real-time sampling of pressure and temperature data for applications focused on production optimization, well stimulation or reservoir development.  A downhole gauge is used to collect the data and send it to the surface through a wireline cable.

Bottom Hole Pressure Testing
Surface Readout (SRO).png

Surface Readout (SRO)

  • Real-time e-line bottom hole pressure-temperature readout without the cost of an e-line truck.

  • Typical applications consist of Polymer treatments and pressure transient testing.

  • By seeing data real-time, job length and design can be tailored to maximize well productivity and minimize well downtime.

  • Data is easily transferred via a MMC card and with free software converted to ASCII format.

  • We have four units available.

  • Download price list HERE.

  • Wyoming SRO Pricelist

Surface Readout (SRO).jpg
Surface Readout (SRO)
Separator use for service page.JPG
Portable Separator.png

Portable Separator

Used to separate gas and liquid, has gas and liquid turbines to measure gas and liquid rates. A flare stack is included. Available with heated choke if needed and has onboard propane for low BTU gas.

Slickline Services.png

Slickline Services

A slickline is used to run memory pressure and temp tools in wells for extended testing. It is useful for:

  • Bottom hole pressure and temperature surveys

  • Tagging Total Depth

Slickline use for service page.jpg
Monster pump use for main pict.jpg

Monster Pump

Monster Pump is used to effectively move mud and cuttings from steel-pits to haul-off pits in sensitive ground-water areas where trash pumps have failed.

It provides an "on-site" pump operator, which eliminates the need to rely on rig hands to run the pump. Another benefit is "one call" service for poly pipe and mud pumping, reducing the tool pusher's workload. Reduced risk of weather-related issues because the operator is on location 24/7 and available by phone.

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